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A SQUEAKER....10/1/23

I've followed the political process for a long time now and I've never seen a more blatant example of an insatiable quest for power than that of House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy. The irony is that he gave it all away during 15 rounds of voting over 4 days in January, and then went on to hope that he would be able to figure something out later on to keep his job.

Rather than work with Democrats in a bi-partisan way to fund government operations, as he agreed to do months ago, he chose to renege and go to the edge, acquiescing to the demands of a few hardliners who threatened to fire him if they didn't get their way.

It was painful to watch. Here's someone who's become so greedy that he was willing to hold the entire government hostage in an effort to hold on to power.

In the end, he capitulated, finally realizing that his goose was cooked either way.

He chose instead to be hammered by a handful of his colleagues instead of by the entire country, and agreed to extend government funding for another 45 days.

The only problem is that his tormentors on the right have a bigger hammer so he may not be Speaker by then.

But whether or not he keeps his job, are we going to go through this same thing again in the middle of November?

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