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HOW DO THEY DO THAT?....9/10/23

Leslie Lemke has never had musical training, but yet can play any song on the piano with flourish after hearing it once.

Stephen Wiltshire is able to draw a complete detailed cityscape consisting of thousands of buildings and features from memory after taking a single helicopter ride over the area.

Daniel Tammet speaks 11 languages fluently and can recite Pi to over 22,000 decimal places.

Kim Peek could recall most everything in the over 12,000 books that he read, he never forgot a song he heard, and could instantly come up with the day of the week of any date in history.

They are savants who do extraordinary things, but yet cannot manage their own personal lives because of their extreme physical, emotional, or social limitations.

Nevertheless, they show us that we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the human mind is capable of, and if evolution is kind to us, our potential as a species is limitless.

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