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I'M GONNA' GITCHA'....12/11/23

One of the most cherished tenets of our Constitution is that set forth in the First Amendment - the guarantee of all Americans to be able to say what we want, without fear of prosecution.

Many people throughout the world do not enjoy this freedom, and there are places where you could be imprisoned, or even executed, for speaking out against the State or its Dear Leader.

By own blog could land me in jail in another country, even though I've never threatened anyone.

There are limits to free speech, as there should be - all of which are tied to the potential harm of others as defined multiple times by the U.S. Supreme Court.

But when a presidential candidate threatens to imprison members of the press for merely doing their jobs, it's cause for alarm.

A "slippery slope" doesn't begin to describe the perils we face if somehow a four-time indicted, twice impeached, revenge obsessed, thin-skinned broken man who cannot admit defeat gets his wish to seek revenge against those who dare criticize him or his actions.

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