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IT'S TIME TO GO, JOE....11/5/23

Sadly, for the good of the country, Biden must drop out of the 2024 presidential race.

According to a new Times/Sienna poll out this morning, Biden would lose handily to Trump if the election were held tomorrow.

I hate suggesting this because the president has had so many positive accomplishments like those in his American Rescue Plan, his Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, his Inflation Reduction Act (not a very good name), and his leadership in combating climate change, to name a few.

But while I believe he could continue to be effective through 2028, he's lost too much support because of his age and slow demeanor, skyrocketing prices, and now having to deal with no-win situations in Ukraine and Gaza. Voters always blame the guy at the top.

In spite of Trump's lawlessness, his support is growing with his uncanny ability to wriggle out of trouble and harness anger and resentment to his advantage.

So Joe, bow out gracefully and let another Democrat take the reins. That person would instantly bury Trump and pick up where you left off.

The risk of persevering is just too great.

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