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MOVING TO THE MOON....10/22/23

I was 20 years old when Americans first landed on the moon.

If I make it to a hundred, I’ll be able to watch people living up there full time in homes and apartments built by 3D printers using materials gathered from the lunar surface.

Temperatures on the moon can lie anywhere between 250 degrees F. during the day to 200 degrees below zero at night, but scientists think they have a handle on what it takes to build and occupy subdivisions there by 2050.

Since it currently costs $1 million / kilometer to haul goods into space, it’s imperative that as much material as possible is sourced locally. Experiments are currently being conducted to develop extraterrestrial furniture and most everything else that’s needed to sustain life indefinitely.

While it’s doubtful I will be around to witness the first baby born on the moon, my grandchildren most likely will, and who knows - either they or their own children may be able to move to the moon, find a job, and sit on their enclosed patio at night while watching our world go by.

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Why would anyone want to live on the moon? You think property is expensive here?

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