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Arizona Republicans have this thing about counting ballots by hand. Ever since they lost the last presidential election, they’ve been screaming about how electronic voting machines robbed them of their win.

They even hired a very expensive outside contractor to count the votes again, and 2 months later, the results showed that Donald Trump lost by 360 votes more than before.

Still not ready to give up, some diehards are demanding that the 2024 results be counted by hand, so election officials In Mojave County set up a test run this past late June to count 850 test ballots to prove their method was cheaper and more accurate.

It took 11 workers 3 days to do the count - and there were a bunch of mistakes.

At that rate, it would take 245 staffers 3 weeks working full time to count 105,000 ballots - the same number that were cast in that county in 2020, and it would cost the county over $1 million.

Once they realized how long it would take, how much money it would cost, and how inaccurate it would be, they sheepishly changed their minds and are now planning to go with the machines.

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