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As artificial intelligence rears its ugly head (or beautiful head depending on how you look at it), there’s more and more talk about cyber security. Billions of dollars are spent each year protecting our information and our identity from those trying to make a buck by invading our privacy.

Governments seem to be doing their best to keep things in check with the resources they have, but even that may not be enough. Just yesterday Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, was hit with a $1.5 billion fine for the way it handled its user data.

So I found this rather geekish chart showing the various strengths of passwords, which may or may not be helpful in the future once mean people start harnessing AI to steal stuff.

Right now it would take 7 quadrillion years to come up with a password consisting of a mixture of 18 numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols.

In a year or two, that time frame could become a millisecond.

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