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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Most people nowadays don't know how to make or fix things, which is unfortunate. Back in the day we knew we wanted to own our own home, but didn't have the means (or at least we didn't think we did) to buy one that was finished and ready to go. So we bought an old shack and went to work, turning it into a showcase while making just about every possible mistake one could make along the way. A year in a trade school after college helped to make this possible.

It's good to see these schools making a comeback, but it may not be enough to support the vast number of unskilled people who are having trouble finding jobs because they've never turned a screw, pounded a nail, used a saw, or have no idea what a pipe wrench is. Millions have progressed no further than being able to push buttons with little hamburger icons on them in fast food franchises where the math takes care of itself.

What will these people do when these establishments are fully automated and when cars and trucks no longer require drivers?

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