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Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Yes, I'm one of them. I like predictability and order in my life, and when my routine is interrupted in some way, I get lost and aimlessly flounder until I get back on track.

Generally....I get up in the morning (usually somewhere between 4 and 6), make coffee, fire up my computer and read the headlines along with a few articles, scroll through Facebook and Instagram, set to work on a "special" project (whether it's writing, photography, or music related), grab a second cup of coffee and hang out with my wife for awhile, make a fire (if it's cold out), eat, go on my daily walk, work on a house/property related project for a few hours, make a smoothie, then more coffee, practice my music, put together a pot of oatmeal for dinner, settle in for the evening to watch the late show monologues, a Dry Bar Comedy special, or a movie with my wife, then off to bed around 9:00.

I'm not sure how "normal" this behavior is. I guess we each have our own way of stumbling through life in a way that suits us. The thing for me though is that in order to feel good at the end of the day I need to have a sense of accomplishment - that I actually got something done no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

We all need something meaningful to do with our time.

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