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WHY THERE'S GOD....4/24/23

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

I’ve been interested in UFO’s for years and am convinced that we have, and continue to be visited by extraterrestrial beings with extraordinary intelligence. Thousands of sightings and “close encounters” have gone unexplained.

Because of public demand for information and recently released footage of unidentified aircraft defying the laws of physics, the Pentagon has finally been forced to come out and address the matter publicly at hearings before Congress.

The military is currently tracking around 650 incidents leading one Pentagon official to speculate (against protocol) that some of these objects could be probes from an alien mothership.

To me the logic is there. With countless “suns” (or as we call stars) in the countless “universes” that extend for countless light years, it’s theoretically impossible for our Earth to be the only body that has evolved to produce intelligent life.

Then since evolution is a continuum, if you consider that countless of these planets are likely millions of years older than ours, thereby allowing intelligence to flourish far beyond where we are now, it’s not hard to imagine that “humanoids” could time travel to visit us with capabilities that we simply cannot comprehend.

That’s why we’ve concocted “God”, because the concept of infinity is too much for us to handle.

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