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I’m not much of a techie so when there was an issue with my website host yesterday, I was unable to send out my daily blog. Sadly, this was the first I had missed since the beginning of the year :(

So why am I doing this? For the first few months, there were no subscribers so what was the point? It seemed like an exercise in futility but it really wasn’t.

I’ve always like to write and rather than attempt another book right away, I decided to try out the blog feature on my website. This gives me the opportunity to exercise my mind each morning by exploring and thinking about a different subject, whether it has to do with public policy, politics, or something personal. I learn something new and interesting each day through this process.

I try hard not to make my stories sound too dystopian, but at the same time I feel compelled to illustrate the folly we see all around us as we navigate life on earth.

The photos are either my own or from the public domain, which can be tricky to find something that relates to the subject matter. It’s much easier to go to Google Images, but most of those are licensed.

As I like to say when I come up with a new activity, “it’s just something to do.”

Each month there are more of you reading, which I very much appreciate. Feel free to contribute to the dialog at anytime by calling or writing.

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