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This is a book I co-authored with another woodworker back in the 80's.  Although somewhat dated, the manual is still useful in that it's chock full of useful information, tool descriptions, and procedures that never become obsolete.


On February 2, 2011, I began writing a poem, a musing, prose, or a short story each day and ended the exercise on Feb 1, 2012 - 365 days later. Each piece fits on a single page and has a single word title.  The subject matter covers just about every aspect of life.


When Donald Trump was elected president, I decided to make my feelings known by writing him a one page letter each day starting on his inauguration. Each of the 100 letters were sent in a stamped, hand addressed envelope, and sent through the USPS.


This book is not only about being born and raised on a small farm in South Dakota, but continues on until the the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. Interwoven are comments on a number of public policy issues that I care deeply about, and that affect us all.

All books are available through Amazon or they can be ordered direct.  Contact me for details

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