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TAKE MY HAND....12/30/23

One of the most important rituals in a Waldorf School occurs in the morning when the teacher greets each student by name with a firm handshake and a smile.

Shaking another person's hand is practiced throughout the world and can mean anything from a gesture of friendship to sealing a deal.

But it's one thing to lightly take another hand with a dismissed air of duty or obligation while looking down at your shoes, and another to grasp your associate's hand firmly while looking into that person's eyes with a smile.

A solid handshake denotes a sense of confidence and a genuine desire to engage, but handing someone a dead fish does just the opposite.

I've hired a number of young men and women in my career and that first impression was one of the determinants in whether or not the applicant got the job.

In today's world, this custom deserves even more attention, and ought to be an integral part of any school curriculum.

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