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$1.7 MILLION TOILET....2/8/23

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

A lot of people on the right complain about excessive regulations and how we ought to get rid of them. In many cases I agree. Take the 150 square foot single stall public toilet that was proposed and accepted by the city of San Francisco last fall to be built at an eye-popping cost of $1.7 million.

The public went nuts and rightfully so. The bureaucrats chalked it up to - not necessarily the construction costs - but to the "project management" costs associated with the crapper. Then on top of that, they said it wouldn't be done until 2025. People just can't hold it that long.

Does the design of a public toilet really need a formal "community feedback period" and then approval from the "California Environmental Quality Act" before construction can begin? Of course it doesn't. Not when a darkened area of an escalator at one of the BART stations needs routine maintenance because the built up shit left by homeless people makes it inoperable.

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