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A FALL FROM GRACE....12/12/23

Rudy Guiliani was once a good man and perhaps still is in many ways.

As Mayor of New York City, he helped lead the nation during the horrific attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11, and by all accounts did an excellent job. He was on top of the world.

But sadly, he became one of the millions of people who came under the spell of Donald Trump, and as a result, lost his way.

As the former president's personal lawyer, Guiliani spent weeks after the 2020 election doing everything possible to keep his friend and client in office.

Yesterday the Mayor went on trial to determine the monetary judgement against him for defaming 2 election workers, saying they had manipulated ballots in Biden’s favor.

The women’s lives were upended as a result, suffering financial stress and multiple death threats because of Guiliani's accusations.

He has already admitted in court that he lied, and now faces bankruptcy, with no visible means of support after having his license to practice law suspended.

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