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A MAGA PREACHER....10/28/23

Greg Locke is a wealthy pastor from Tennessee who made the news a few weeks ago by complaining about how many handicapped spaces were required at his mega church.

He contended they weren’t needed because if people had enough faith, they wouldn’t have to be in wheel chairs.

So Greg, do you think that a veteran who had his leg blown off in Iraq can muster up enough faith to grow another one by hobbling into your church from the back corner of the lot, bowing down to you, and then forking over a bunch of money for good measure?

This is the same preacher who:

- Told his flock never to get the COVID vaccine

- Banned face masks in his church

- Said only "crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists" believed the 2020 election wasn't stolen

- Prohibited Democrats from worshiping in his congregation

- Threatened to expose witches in his church

- Told his followers to use their guns to keep journalists away from him

- And just recently hoped out loud that the attack on Israel would hasten the Second Coming.

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