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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

A woman by the name of Kandiss Taylor was recently elected as Chairperson of District 1 of the Republican Party in the state of Georgia. A noted 2020 election denier, Taylor said she won because the Lord wants to take Georgia back from criminals like Brian Kemp. Kemp was the governor who refused to succumb to the demands of Donald Trump to falsify the election results in his state.

Taylor also believes the Earth is flat.

In a recent interview, Taylor discusses biblical evidence that supports her belief saying, “The people that defend the globe don’t know anything about the globe. If they knew a tenth of what Matt and I know about the globe, they would be Flat-Earthers.” Matt Long is a noted proponent of this thinking and broadcasts his views to a wide audience on his Flat Earth Podcast.

One more thing - Kandiss Taylor ran against Brian Kemp for Governor in 2020 and although she won a little over 3% of the vote against Kemp’s 73%, she refused to concede, declaring that the election had been rigged.

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She needs to be in an asylum. Maybe she can be chairman there. The half wits who elected her should go back to school.

Replying to

Or maybe one could blow in her ear and give her a FREE REFILL !!!

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