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Many Republicans are finally starting to acknowledge that climate change is real and that they need to do something about it. These politicians have no choice when their constituents back home are telling them they’re getting smoked out, snowed out, flooded, and blown away all in the same year, and they’re not happy about it.

Elected officials are in a bind because they can’t cut off the hand that feeds them - namely the fossil fuels industry - so they’ve come up with a novel solution - plant a trillion trees while letting oil and gas companies flourish. The big timber companies, who are also big contributors to these legislators, like the plan too.

While this is a good idea because trees help to remove carbon from the atmosphere, it's certainly not a new one and that alone won’t solve the problem. Ironically these new trees will eventually become fuel too as the planet heats.

But it’s a start in shifting consciousness.

Republican Congressman John Curtis from Utah started a group called the Conservative Climate Caucus 2 years ago because he got tired of stuttering and stammering at town halls ever time young people asked him about extreme weather.

This is how change occurs. We demand it or we elect somebody else to deal with it.

Fully a third of the Republican caucus has now joined the group.

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