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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Now that abortion has been outlawed in a number of states, those where abortion remains legal are cashing in on the mass migration of rich women to their cities and counties for the procedure. If women have the means, no problem - hop on a plane to San Francisco or Chicago, spend an afternoon in a clinic, and then spend the rest of the week sightseeing and enjoying the time away. Just like the unplanned pregnancy, the trip can just as well become an unplanned vacation.

The overwhelming civil right issue is that poor women are not afforded the same opportunity and are stuck at home to have their kids, who in many cases will end up in prison or on the public dole. I'm betting that the incarceration rate will spike in about 15 years as a result of Dobbs. A kid knows when he or she is unwanted.

The real issue isn't whether or not a women should end a pregnancy - it's gross unfairness filled with hate, animosity, pious hypocritical religiosity, and racist resentment toward those less fortunate in our society.

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