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A few months ago, Judge Beryl Howell applied the rarely used “crime fraud exception” to Donald Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, which sidestepped attorney-client privilege, and compelled the attorney to testify in front of the grand jury looking into Trump’s handling of classified documents.

This exception is only granted when there’s reason to believe a client is seeking advice from his or her counsel in furtherance of a crime.

Corcoran’s testimony was critical in building the case which led to Trump’s indictment.

But wait a minute.

The randomly chosen Trump appointed judge assigned to the case, Aileen Cannon, earlier handed down some questionable decisions in the same case that were highly favorable to Trump, but which were all overturned by a higher court.

The 3-judge panel (2 of whom were Trump appointees), which overturned her decision, said that Cannon violated “clear” law.

If this biased judge remains in charge throughout the trial, she is in a position to throw out whatever evidence she wants to, including the testimony of Evan Corcoran, saying there was no standing to apply the crime-fraud exception.

Trump could very well slip away again as a result.

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