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I've been following Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or more commonly UFO's, since high school. The first time I realized there was a vast coverup was when Jimmy Carter was running for president and promised that he would release all information gathered by the government pertaining to UFO's if he were elected. He reneged after he became president citing "defense implications".

Finally, the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 formally establishes a federal office that mandates for the first time that the government get to the bottom of the mystery and publish its findings.

They won't be able to and here's why. Humans have yet to evolve to where we can understand time travel so this new agency is bound to reach a dead end. Other intelligent beings have no doubt conquered challenges that we humans can't even think of because they have been been around for perhaps millions of years longer than we have. Eventually we'll get there too if our planet survives until then.

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