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AN HONORABLE MAN....12/24/23

6 years ago I stood next to this life size bronze statue of George Washington in the same room of the Maryland Statehouse where, 2 days before Christmas on December 23, 1783, he went before Congress and gracefully resigned his command of the Continental Army.

Washington bowed to Congress and read the speech he had written on a single piece of paper.

Congressman James McHenry wrote, “The General’s hand which held the address shook as he read it. When he spoke of the officers who had composed his family…he was obliged to hold the paper with both hands.”

After Washington finished speaking, the delegation responded by removing their hats, which was a powerful gesture of gratitude and appreciation at that time.

I was sincerely moved by the feeling of dignity and respect that overpowered the room, and long for that same comportment to one day return to our own Halls of Congress.

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