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Hunter Biden’s life was a mess for a long time. He was a 2 year old passenger in the car his mom was driving that crashed and killed her and his 1 year old sister. Hunter and his brother Beau were both seriously injured.

Then years later he lost his brother to cancer.

Trauma was the likely cause of Biden’s life falling apart. He became a severe alcoholic and a drug addict, and coasted along by getting hired at jobs because of who his dad was.

People with prominent names have done that forever and it’s not illegal.

But Republicans would like nothing more than to nail both the father and son for criminal activity and have tried for several years to find wrongdoing. So far they’ve found very little but they keep looking.

In the meantime many of them, dripping with animosity, heartily support a convicted rapist, a twice impeached former president, and a man charged with 91 felonies in 4 different jurisdictions for another term as President of the United States.

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