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ARE THEY WORTH IT?....10/19/23

I’m not much of a football fan so when I read that the head coaches at the University of Washington and Washington State University are among the 3 highest paid state employees, I cringed.

Between them, they take home close to $7 million per year.

By comparison, the president of UW makes a measly $880,000 while the football coach there earns $4.2 million.

That’s a difference of $3.3 million. So take that and divide by $31,000, which is what it costs to attend the school each year, and you come up with 107.

This means that over a hundred poor kids could attend the University free with the difference between the president’s salary and that of the coach.

While I don’t see anything wrong with football, it’s the priorities I struggle with.

Some say that winning teams increases enrollment and that offsets their salaries, which may be true, but how about a new rule that says that no college coach at any state funded university can earn more than the president of the school?

With a level playing field, thousands more across the country would be able to access higher education.

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