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Tommy Tuberville, the freshman Senator from Alabama, continues his blockade on military promotions because of the Pentagon’s abortion policy, which allows for paid leave and compensation for travel expenses for women to go to another state for an abortion if the procedure is outlawed where they are stationed.

Currently more that 250 high level promotions have been held up and senior military officials now say the holds are threatening national security.

Fully 20% of the military consists of women and because the military is not meeting its recruitment goals, it is offering as many perks as possible to get people to join. Its abortion policy is one of them.

Do they really think pregnant women make good combat soldiers? Then too, who pays for child care while their moms are out fighting?

Most Republicans have steadfastly been against “killing babies” as they would call abortion, but now one of their own is threatening to bring down their most beloved institution with a mission that’s ironically charged with killing people.

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