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BAD MUSK....11/19/23

Elon Musk is a smart guy. He’s also really dumb.

Last year he purchased Twitter on an impulse for $44 billion and then later tried to give it back, admitting that he paid way more for the company than it was worth.

Since then, the richest guy in the world has only made things worse.

Last Wednesday he made a comment on his platform “X” that seemd to support the “replacement theory”, a conspiracy popular among the extreme right that suggests in part that Jews are instrumental in replacing the white race with non-whites.

Robert Bowers was enraged by this idea, causing him to gun down 11 black worshipers in a synagogue in 2018.

Major advertisers on X went ballistic after Musk’s post and began pulling ads, causing revenue to plummet.

It’s bad enough that Musk seems to be an anti-semite, but you’d think he’d keep his mouth shut and not destroy his own company by sharing his views.

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