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BE NICE, CALLERS....10/21/23

Don't read this if you are offended by foul language....

In my view, our political discourse has devolved substantially in this country due to 1 person - Donald J. Trump. His hateful rhetoric and vindictive nature has infected the nation, giving those who are already deeply disturbed, full permission to outwardly express their rage.

And where is this rage coming from? Most likely from themselves for having lived unhappy and unsatisfying lives. Instead they go on to blame others for their woes.

During the battle for control of the House of Representatives, the wife of an unnamed Congressman who voted for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker earlier this week received a phone message with the following diatribe:

“Why is your husband such a pig? Why would he get on TV and make an asshole of himself? Cuz he’s a deep state prick cuz he doesn’t represent the people.… We’re gonna be up your ass nonstop.… Fuck you, fuck your husband.… You’re going to be fucking molested like you can’t even imagine.”

The caller then said that "unlike the left, all this will be done nonviolently."

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The last sentence reminds me of another...."Stupid people should not breed."

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