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I had a conversation a few weeks ago with a relative who declared with utmost certainty that the 2020 election was stolen by Joe Biden and that Donald Trump was duly elected president.

I then asked him how it could be that Trump lost all but 1 of the 62 court cases challenging the results of the election?

He replied that all "they were all Democrats", who made those decisions.

I then asked him if the election was fraudulent, why did all 50 Secretaries of State certify their elections, some of whom were strong Trump supporters?

He said he could answer that question but it would take him a lot more time than he had available at that moment.

He also said that no one should have been arrestd or jailed for their actions on January 6th, 2021, and that, again, all of the jurors in those trials were Democrats.

He also added that the demonstrations were largely peaceful.

My relative is a highly educated, kind, fun loving man who does not use a computer, although he did say he watched Fox News.

He also said he didn't read the newspaper.

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