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BRAINLESS FUN....10/31/23

Of all the holidays Americans celebrate each year, Halloween is among the goofiest - and one of the most expensive. It's the second biggest retail event of the year.

By the time the vampires have been vanquished, and the dead people who have come up to take a look around have been re-buried, we will have spent $12.2 billion on celebrating the absurd. $850 million of that is on pumpkins and $3 billion on candy. That’s $108 per person.

Costumes are averaging around $37 each while the 600 million pounds of candy sold each year costs us about $32 apiece.

It’s worth it though. People have to suppress their inner craziness all year long, and Halloween gives us permission to be dumb and stupid, at least for awhile.

And kids love it too because it drives them pleasantly insane.

There’s nothing like a cute, little 3’ high Donald Trump running around looking for love, and begging for candy.

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