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CANADA ON FIRE....6/29/23

It appears that we may be spending a lot of time indoors this summer, huddled close to our air purifiers.

Canada’s fire season is now the worst on record with 20 million acres having gone up in smoke so far this year, which is more than has ever burned in an entire year. The severity of the fire season is 21 times above average.

Currently there are close to 500 fires burning in Canada with half of them out of control. So far this year these fires have emitted 160 million tons of carbon.

The smoke drifts downwind and yesterday it left Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis with the worst air quality in the world. The bad air has even reached Europe.

Firefighters from all over the world have come to Canada to help quell the blazes, but even these resources aren’t enough.

According to authorities, climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of Canadian fires, all the while extending the season which normally runs from May to September.

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