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It’s unbelievable to me that some political leaders and celebrities are still trying to whitewash the Holocaust and slavery - two of the biggest examples of crimes against humanity in the history of mankind.

First there’s presidential aspirant Ron DeSantis cementing a new and controversial curriculum into Florida’s educational system that contends that slavery benefited Black people in that it taught them skills.

Then along comes Fox talk show host Greg Gutfeld who said that Jews had to be useful in order to survive in the concentration camps. Never mind that millions of people were murdered before they could even show the Nazis what they were capable of doing.

What are these guys thinking? Do they not understand the horror that these victims endured? It’s painfully obvious that they are so cocooned in their positions of wealth, power, and influence that they are clearly unable to experience empathy, let alone understanding history.

It’s our job to reject these people out of hand by not giving them our vote or by not subscribing to their ignorance and pathetic arrogance on the airwaves.

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