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COMING TO JESUS....8/24/23

In large sprawling cases of wrongdoing, it’s not unusual for prosecutors to offer leniency to underlings who have either pled guilty or will likely be found guilty, in exchange for testifying against the top dog in a crime.

It’s called flipping.

Oftentimes those who are arrested can be quite cocky….that is until reality sets in and they begin to realize how painful a few years in prison might be.

Well the flipping has begun in the stolen documents case in Florida were an IT worker who was asked by 2 employees of the former president who have been charged in the case to delete video recordings showing boxes being moved into hiding.

The IT guy, Yuscil Taveras, apparently lied under oath during earlier interviews, and has now decided to change his story after he took on another lawyer who obviously told him he could go to prison if he didn’t come clean.

An interesting parlor game might be to guess how many flippers will emerge during the legal proceedings of the 4 criminal indictments and the 91 felony charges against Donald Trump.

Apparently this is his biggest fear….that someone might actually tell the truth.

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