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Updated: Feb 23

It seems that whatever Democrats stand for, Republicans are against it. Likewise, although not nearly as much, if Republicans have a good idea, the Democrats are hesitant to embrace it for fear of losing the upper hand. Both sides have a deep seated fear of pissing off their bases and therefore getting primaried from the right or left in the next election.

Take balloongate. Had Biden shot it out of the sky over Montana and the 3-school-bus-sized piece of surveillance equipment had fallen on a town and killed several people, Biden would have never heard the end of it. The president chose not to take the risk and let the balloon float out over the ocean before taking it down, but he caught hell for that too. He can't win for losing.

Besides we were apparently able to glean a considerable amount of information from the school busses during it's leisurely tour over America. But of course, Republicans won't concede that this was a worthy decision and instead vilified the administration for allowing China to listen in on every kid's cell phone call to their mothers.

One more thing - some say on the right that Biden's too old to run for president and that he might die before his term is up, but then look at one of his opponents who is just a few years younger but is 50 lbs. overweight, doesn't exercise, and supposedly gorges himself on Kentucky Fried Chicken whenever he gets a chance. I'd bet on Biden outlasting Trump any day.

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