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The presidential race is about to get mean….really mean. As we all know, Donald Trump is famous for assigning his opponents disparaging monikers like Crooked Hillary, Sleepy Joe, Low Energy Jeb, Crazy Nancy, Pencil Neck, and Horseface to name a few. It’s all designed to mess with his adversary’s minds.

Now the Trump campaign is about to go nuclear against its chief rival, Ron DeSantis whom they utterly despise by calling him “Tiny D”, while letting everyone know they are not referring to his stature.

The sobriquet is squarely designed to refer to a certain part of the candidate’s anatomy according to Trump’s staff, and they are making no bones about defining the connection.

It’s well known that in order for an insecure and empathy bereft person to feel good about themselves, they have to put down anyone who they feel is a threat. This includes personal insults.

So here we have it. The leading Republican contender for the Office of President of the United States is obsessed with the masculinity of his opponent rather than with how to improve the lives of ordinary people just trying to make a living.

This is how ugly and puerile our national discourse has become.

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