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DAY TRIPPING....7/13/23

Psychedelics are back. More people now than ever before are experiencing their powerful effects, particularly with psilocybin mushrooms.

Micro-dosing has been going on for years in California’s Silicon Valley where regular users of small amounts of LSD and magic mushrooms say their creative juices flow much easier after popping a pill or two every other day.

The increasing popularity now of these drugs has spawned a whole new industry that addresses the needs of those who’s minds are seemingly spinning out of control after consuming a healthy dose of psychoactive substances.

During the Woodstock Festival in upstate New York in 1969, the famous acid maker and distributor, Owsley “Bear” Stanley distributed some 300,000 tabs of White Lightning to the crowd. Medical workers showed up with the anti-psychotic drug, Thorazine, which turned out to be overkill for what was needed. It was like extinguishing a match with a fire hose.

Instead Wavy Gravy and his Hog Farmers came armed with a whole new approach - they simply talked to folks who got scared during their trips and it worked. The Thorazine people stood aghast that it was all so simple.

Now if you need help getting through your drug induced experience, you can merely pick up the phone and call a psychedelic first responder like The Fireside Project, who’s staff will assist you during your transition.

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