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DEAD HEAT....8/1/23

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference recently, GOP presidential aspirant and national security expert Will Hurd said out loud what every other candidate knew was true, but would never dare say it:

“Donald Trump is running for president in order for him to stay out of jail.”

The room erupted with boos and jeers.

Anyone with any common sense knows this is true, including Trump himself. With 2 indictments on multiple felony charges (and counting), the only way Trump can avoid prison time is to get elected president, after which he will fire everybody involved in the pursuit of justice and install his own toadies.

An obscure 1973 Justice Department memo essentially says that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted.

For Trump, winning the election is life or death.

The results of a New York Times / Siena College poll were just released this morning showing Biden and Trump tied in a 2024 rematch at 43% each.

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