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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

In 1969 Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, a liberal Democrat appointed by Lyndon Johnson, was forced to resign due to financial improprieties. Democrats in Congress, in an effort to preserve the integrity of the high court, joined with Republicans in forcing Fortas off the bench, even though they knew that Nixon would appoint a far more conservative judge.

Something like this would be unheard of in today’s political climate.

Now 54 years later Clarence Thomas is mired in similar scandals, accepting lavish gifts from a billionaire friend with strong conservative views about issues that routinely come before the court.

The scale of Thomas’ corruption is far more severe than anything Fortas may have done, but there’s no chance Thomas will quit his job, even though it appears he has violated multiple laws. Fox News has labeled those who are demanding Thomas' resignation as nothing more than politics.

I’m guessing that President Biden must rue the day when, as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he helped facilitate Clarence Thomas’ confirmation while in sworn testimony, Anita Hill accused the judge of unwanted sexual advances.

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