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Our system of justice in this country is far from perfect, but it's better than most. Oftentimes the rich and powerful get off the hook, but not always. O.J. Simpson was an exception.

Hunter Biden, the notorious son of the president, was charged with 9 felonies yesterday, which gives him a total of 12 when the 3 previous gun related charges are added.

The president himself is facing an Impeachment Inquiry to determine if he engaged in nefarious activity as well.

Donald Trump is facing 91 felonies, and like many Biden supporters who think their guy is innocent, a lot of Trump defenders will claim the charges against their man are bogus.

Nevertheless, I believe in the rule of law, and if either Biden and / or Trump is found guilty, just like anyone else convicted of a crime, they should pay price a price commensurate with their crimes, regardless of their celebrity.

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