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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Uganda passed a law yesterday that establishes a lifetime prison sentence for anyone who engages in homosexual behavior, but if that weren’t bad enough, the death penalty awaits those who are found guilty of “aggravated homosexuality”, which includes some same sex behaviors even more offensive to the government.

The bill even includes language that makes it a crime if a straight person knows a gay person but doesn’t report he or she to the authorities for prosecution.

In a rare bipartisan show of opposition to the Ugandan legislation, Republican Senator Ted Cruz called the law “horrific and wrong” while President Biden called it “a tragic violation of universal human rights”.

The anti-gay sentiment in Uganda can be traced back to the 1980’s when Evangelicals from the United States who were losing traction at home with their anti-gay rhetoric, began to take their message to African countries where they would find a much more receptive audience.

Those views solidly took hold, which eventually led to the passing of this measure.

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Evangelicals are actually destroying Christianity and its potential for doing good.

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