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FINDING JOY....11/10/23

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Norwegian men like me are famous for their stoic behavior, and will often look down at their shoes while being introduced to someone.

After a requisite glance upward, but not actually looking into the other person's eyes, they will then shuffle off while muttering something about tractors.

I grew up with those tendencies and have spent a lifetime trying to add joy and laughter into my daily routine other than when someone bangs their head on a low beam, or when a politician I loathe loses their seat.

Silliness is not a virtue in Scandinavian culture.

So the vast majority of my 300 plus blog posts so far this year have generally been on the dark side full of what-if's and perilous possibilities.

That's all fine and good - we need to know about these things. But sometimes it helps to simply smile at the folly of mankind and then get on with it while trying to make the world a better place.

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