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Elizabeth Holmes was 19 when she came up with a device that supposedly tested a person’s blood for a variety of conditions. It was a revolutionary development and within a few years, she became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

The rich, famous, and powerful swooned over her intellectual prowess, her business acumen, her eloquence, and her good looks while investing over $100 million in her company she named Theranos, which grew to almost 800 employees. Silicon Valley loved her.

The problem was that her product didn’t work and Holmes knew it.

Eventually she got busted for fraud and went to jail for 11 years on Tuesday. While in prison she will be sleeping in a room with 3 others and working at a job that pays anywhere from $.12 to $1.15 an hour while trying to figure out how to pay her $30 million in legal fees.

Her young children, both under 2, will remain at home with their father.

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