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GIVE ME THE GUN....9/27/23

A federal law prohibits a firearms dealer from selling a gun to an individual who is under indictment for crimes with sentences lasting more than a year.

This is likely the reason that the staff at the Palmetto State Armory wouldn't sell a Glock to Donald Trump when he visited the store on Sunday.

That didn’t keep his spokesman from posting a video of Trump fondling a pistol with his likeness engraved on the handle with the caption that read, “President Trump buys a @GLOCKInc in South Carolina!”

It seems that Trump’s aid “jumped the gun” with that video and declaration. A couple of hours later, he deleted the post and wrote, “President Trump did not purchase or take possession of the firearm. He simply indicated that he wanted one.”

So that begs the question, why would a former president, who for months has been threatening his adversaries on social media, want a handgun?

Given how despondent Trump has been recently over the prospect of going to prison, I can’t help but think that in the back of his mind he may want to have the option of using it on himself, just like Adolph Hitler did in 1945 as Soviet forces approached his bunker.

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