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The Secret Service is full of stories about people showing up at the White House demanding all sorts of stuff like wanting to talk to Joe Biden - RIGHT NOW! They apparently are unaware that they first need an appointment and secondly, they need to have a good reason. Sometimes cops from small town rural America will flash their badges thinking that alone will gain them entry.

One guy showed up last year saying he had a plan to end the pandemic, and that he had come to tell Biden to have the Marines trained in falconry, and then fan them out across the country to eat mice and vermin that he thought were spreading the virus.

Another do-gooder hitchhiked all the way out from Montana to meet with the president and when the officer at the gate told him he couldn’t, the man calmly said, “yeah, that was dumb, what was I thinking?” When the guard asked him if there was anything else he could help him with, the traveler replied, “naw, I’m just going to hitchhike back to Montana now.”

In 2021 a couple of protesters chained themselves to the White House fence. When the officer asked them how long they planned to stay, they said, “until we get arrested”. When the policeman began preparing for the arrest, the activists asked him if he would wait until their friends arrived so they could record the event.

The officer smiled and complied, and presumably now the young couple have something interesting they can show their kids someday.

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