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HEY, THAT'S MY GOLD!....9/23/23

When you're an elected official and are caught with $550,000 in cash in a locked safe with some of it stuffed in socks and wrapped in your underwear….and another $100,000 worth of shiny gold bars sitting around….and a huge wad of cash in your wife’s safety deposit box….and a Mercedes convertible in the garage that you didn’t buy yourself….and a paper trail indicating nefarious interactions with important Egyptians….and all the while acting as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee….you'd think you'd know you're walking on thin ice.

Such is the dubious situation Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey finds himself in….again.

A few years ago he was saved from prison by a hung jury for unrelated charges of wrongdoing.

Apparently some people just can't help themselves.

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