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HEY, THAT'S NOT FAIR!....8/8/23

Both political parties claim their opponents will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand on a divisive issue, going so far as to change the rules of the game.

That seems to be happening again today in Ohio where Republicans have put Democracy itself on the ballot.

After Dobbs, states have been scrambling to either shore up their support for abortion or slam the window shut. Multiple states have changed their governing documents by firmly embedding the right to an abortion in their Constitutions.

A ballot initiative for this fall’s election is already in place in Ohio, enshrining the right to an abortion in the state with a 50% + majority vote.

But if conservatives get their way, today’s vote will require a 60% majority instead to change the Constitution.

It would go into effect immediately once the election is certified, making a win this fall far more challenging.

It just another reminder that politics is a blood sport - pure and simple.

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