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Today marks one of the most remarkable events in human history.

Christians would say that would be the birth of Jesus Christ, but it's the actual manifestation of his message of peace that's most notable.

In what would come to be known as the Christmas Truce of 1914, thousands of soldiers fighting in the trenches during World War I took part in a spontaneous cease fire by laying down their arms and joining their enemy combatants in song, dance, and gift exchanges.

Somehow under the most dire circumstances, at least for a few days, goodwill among the lower ranks superseded the aggression of their superiors on both sides.

Both are powerful instincts - the urge for many to live and let live, but also the urge to violently jostle for territory and the influence that comes with it - all the while using others in that endeavor.

Deep within us all is a prince of peace. We hope one day that Spirit will prevail.

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Good one, Kevin. Merry Christmas.

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