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HOW LOW WE'VE SUNK....1/24/23

Just a few short years ago, the words, "lie" or "lying" were very seldom used publicly among politicians to castigate an opponent in an election. Words or phrases like, "fabricated", "misrepresented", "that's not true", "you've misstated the facts", or "that's categorically false" were used instead. It wasn't until Donald Trump began running for president that the word "lie" was normalized in political discourse. Now they don't think twice about employing the word against virtually anyone they don't like. Republican Representative Joe Wilson from South Carolina even had the balls to shout, "you lie" to President Obama during a Joint Session of Congress in 2009.

Now the word is everywhere and even practiced out in the open. To think that a serial liar about literally everything in his past could get elected to Congress shows how embedded the behavior has become, but worse yet, that his colleagues would stand by and say nothing because they need his vote.

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