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PragerU is an ultra-conservative advocacy group that makes slick, highly refined videos that support right wing causes, and then it distributes them widely to schools and educational institutions throughout the country.

It is not a university and it has no academic credentials.

The State of Florida with the blessing of Governor Ron DeSantis, who calls climate change “leftwing stuff”, recently integrated one of Prager’s animated videos into its educational curriculum, encouraging its use in classrooms from kindergarten through fifth grade.

This latest video downplays solar and wind energy as being too expensive (it’s now the cheapest form of energy available), it suggests that populations will fall into destitution without the burning of coal, and it compares people who stand up to climate activists to those who rose up against Hitler during the Warsaw uprising.

Among the chief funders of this propaganda are the Wilks brothers, multi-billionaire fossil fuels executives and climate science deniers who are spending their fortunes defending their industry through these videos.

PragerU’s video recordings have now exceeded a billion views.

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A billion views! People must be desperate for entertainment.

Replying to

This is not just for that particular video I mentioned - this is for all of them that PragerU has made since 2009. They cover a lot of topics that are of interest to the right

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