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Updated: Mar 9

Just yesterday I wrote about how people love to share their stories when it comes to their ailments and their health and I guess I'm no different, so here goes....

Not long after writing that piece, I began to feel a bit puny so took a COVID test, and bam....2 lines immediately showed up on the hard plastic strip, which indicated that I had the dreaded disease. It was 3 years ago that this all started and I had managed to avoid the virus until then by simply not going anywhere in public, and when I did, I wore a tight fitting mask. Just in the last 3 weeks, I began to let down my guard and shunned a face diaper at a brewery where some friends we playing last Friday night.

So I'm hunkered down in my room and won't be going upstairs for up to 10 days in an effort to prevent Terri from becoming infected. So far so good - I just feel like shit, but things can always be worse. I can't help but feel like those 5 vaccines are keeping me alive....

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