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I'LL DO WHAT I WANT....6/27/23

For years one of the biggest objectives of those on the right has been the destruction of the “regulatory state”. They often despise safety regulations because they bite into their profits.

So when the founder and CEO of OceanGate Expeditions, Stockton Rush, set out to build a submersible vehicle for tourists to explore the sunken Titanic two miles below sea level (with a single ticket rivaling that of a nice home), he was particularly critical of the Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 1993, which regulated how ocean tourism vessels were to be built.

Rush said the law "needlessly prioritized passenger safety over commercial innovation.”

The entrepreneur went on to say, “You know, at some point, safety just is pure waste. I mean if you just want to be safe, don't get out of bed, don't get in your car, don't do anything. At some point, you're going to take some risk, and it really is a risk/reward question. I think I can do this just as safely by breaking the rules.”

Rush was one of the 5 people recently crushed to death in his hand built submarine.

The accident took place in International Waters where regulations could be avoided.

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